10 Alphabet Activity Ideas

10 Alphabet Activity Ideas

Playing makes learning fun. Whenever anything new is introduced to a child it is better to do it in a fun-filled way. That way learning becomes more enjoyable and children also retain the most as they have memory of the quality time spent learning the new lesson.

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Here are some simple ideas to make learning alphabets fun.

Hide and seek � Children absolutely love games of hide and seek. Gather up all the kids and suppose you are teaching them the word CAT, you can call one kid C, another one A, the third one T. ask C,A,T to hide. The rest of the class will find them. Then you can join the words and teach them the spelling of CAT. Imagine the giggles this game will cause.
Grab the letters � Hang letters just beyond a little out of reach for kids. Encourage them to jump a little to get hold of the letters. Make them play in groups.

Treasure hunt � Hide the letters and motivate the children into finding them. They can pretend to be pirates out on a treasure hunt.
String the beads � Encourage children to spell each other�s names in full or shorter versions of it. Ask them to make a beaded bracelet spelling the name of their best friends.
Draw with a letter � By far children love drawing activities. Make them use letters to draw a rabbit or a parrot. They will be so proud of their newfound skill.
Catch a letter � Balls hold amazing fascination among children. Start rolling out balls with alphabets. Encourage them to read an alphabet when they throw a ball.
Floor mat � Children enjoy the floor mat activity very much. Stepping into each letter will help them gain recognition of each letters.
Blocks � The good old blocks are the ultimate learning tool. With block arrangement children will be able to arrange and rearrange letters and form words of their choice.
Hit a cup � Kids thoroughly enjoy bowling activities. Mark alphabets on paper cups and let kids bowl into the cups. This will not only help them learn alphabets but also develop their psychomotor abilities. This is good activity for hand-eye coordination.
Find a letter � it is great fun for kids to play spy games. Ask them to identify the number of similar alphabets that is there in plain sight in the classroom. They can look into the charts or even the t-shirts that they are wearing.
Learning should be a fun part in preschool education. Activities such as these will meet with roars of laughter and kids will get the ultimate reward of learning without getting stressed.

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