Are you a beginner? Here are some techniques you should know for playing a violin?


Playing an instrument can be very challenging especially when you are playing an instrument for the first time and you have no idea where to begin and where to end from. Violin can be a very difficult instrument and it can be very daunting for people who have never played a stringed instrument before. Playing a violin can be very good for your brain and your mental health too, and if you teach your kid to play violin at young age then it is even better for them.

Let us take you through the various techniques that you should know as a beginner.

You need to make sure that you purchase the right violin

Violins come in various sizes and you need to make sure that you purchase the right size of violin to begin with. There are sizes available for kids and these can be very small, as an adult you need to buy the correct size so that you are able to hold the instrument in the right way and have no difficulties with the posture, while sitting and playing the instrument or even while standing.

Buy from a reputed seller

A reputes seller will guide you in many ways. Since you are a beginner you will not know a lot of technical details pertaining to the sound of the violin and the make of the violin. A reputed seller will sell you a violin which will be apt for you and he can also give you a few tips so that the next time you buy a violin you make not of some of the finer details in sound, string quality and the wood that is used in order to make the violin. These things really affect the way the violin sounds.

Tune the violin first before starting to play it

In order to play the violin, you need to tune it first. All the strings G,D,A, E need to be tuned in order to play the violin in tune. Tuning the violin without a tuner can be difficult for a novice and it would be best of you buy a tuner which an electric device which can be used to tune the violin. You can tune the violin first in order to play it and then start. This should be made a practice every time you want to play the violin.

You need to grip the bow properly

In order to play an instrument it is very important that you know how to hold it properly and do it in the way it had been prescribed. This is because it is a tried and tested way to hold the instrument and needs to be replicated every time someone wants to play the instrument. You need to grip the bow by laying the middle of your index finger on the grip, place the little finger on the flat part of the grip and the thumb should be underneath the grip. It might feel uncomfortable first but later you will get used to it.

How should you hold the violin?

The violin should be held with a straight back even when you are sitting or standing. You need to bring the butt of the instrument near your neck and rest the lower half of the violin on your collar bone holding it in place with your jaw. This will not let the instrument slide off.

Hence these are some tips and tricks to start playing a violin and slowly with practice you will be a good player. Also, you can take up a course to learn violin lessons in Singapore .

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