Your Childs First Day At School

Your Child�s First Day At Nursery Most children love going to school. But many teachers of nursery school Singapore observed that the first day is specially difficult for many children. Separation pangs and anxiety can leave the child unsettled. Try to easeRead More

Why is Exercise Necessary Early On Anyway

Why Is Exercise Necessary Early On, Anyway? The world over people are doing all that they can to curb the spread of obesity. Plump kids, who love their burgers and French fries, end up heavy. Perhaps this is one of the reasonsRead More

10 Alphabet Activity Ideas

10 Alphabet Activity Ideas Playing makes learning fun. Whenever anything new is introduced to a child it is better to do it in a fun-filled way. That way learning becomes more enjoyable and children also retain the most as they have memoryRead More

Enrolling your Child in Music Lessons in Singapore

    If you are interested in enrolling your child in a music course in Singapore, you are probably familiar with the tremendous benefits music has on a child’s developing mind. Music has been shown to boost intellectual ability in students, improveRead More

Finding a Good Piano Teacher in Singapore

  If your child is ready to start taking piano classes, it is important to find a good teacher that can help your child develop their musical abilities. Learning to play the piano is fun, and having the proper teacher can makeRead More

Preparing Your Child for Nursery School

It can be quite a daunting task to prepare your little ones for their nursery schools. However, there are things that you can do as a parent to help your kid getting ready. But, you should also realize the fact that allRead More