Finding a Good Piano Teacher in Singapore


If your child is ready to start taking piano classes, it is important to find a good teacher that can help your child develop their musical abilities. Learning to play the piano is fun, and having the proper teacher can make the world of difference. Singapore has many options to choose from, and you should talk to other expat families to see which schools teach their children. The piano is a highly visual instrument, and children who practice the piano can easily learn by watching their hands. That makes it a great primary instrument for children who want to start learning about music. Here are some aspects of teaching piano that you should look for in teachers to help you narrow down your search:


Approach: Teachers need to keep their students engaged, and their approach to teaching piano is critical. Learning a new instrument is challenging, and it takes time for young musicians to develop the skills they need to be able to play the songs that they want to hear. The best way to keep students interested in piano is to meet with the teacher before the lessons start, and get to know them personally. If your child feels like they are learning piano from a friend, it can help motivate them to practice more because they want to make their teacher happy. The teacher should take the opportunity to go over specific goals with your child. What do they want to get out of the lesson? Are they trying to learn more about music in general or do they want to learn to play a certain song? Once you have established objectives, the teacher can outline how they want to approach the lessons moving forward, and a plan will help your child achieve their ambitions on piano.


Structure: If the piano is the first instrument your child is learning, they will need to study some fundamentals of music before they can learn more advanced styles of playing. A common structure to learning piano is starting with scales. Musical scales are important to learn because they set boundaries in a song so the player knows what notes will sound correct. Reading music is another objective for beginner piano players to learn, and can be taught at the same time as scales. Although these two topics are rigorous for students to learn, they are necessary to comprehend so that your child can understand how to perform the songs they really want to play. The teacher will need to balance out the structure of the lesson, otherwise younger students can leave the lesson feeling discouraged. Patience and discipline are key elements to learning piano, and building a strong musical foundation is required for your child to progress. At the end of each lesson, the teacher will assign practice goals for your child, and they will expect to see improvements in the next lesson.


Style: You should discuss what style of piano playing your child wants to learn before the first visit. In Singapore, expats will find a wide variety of piano styles available for their children to learn, and the most popular are classical, jazz, and pop. The teacher should be able to perform the different styles for your child if they are not sure on which one to choose, but beginner students will need to learn the same information, regardless of style. As they develop their piano playing, they can always change their minds and start learning a different style. If the teacher cannot play the style of piano that your child is most interested in learning, then you should find a different teacher who can.

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