Preparing Your Child for Nursery School

It can be quite a daunting task to prepare your little ones for their nursery schools. However, there are things that you can do as a parent to help your kid getting ready. But, you should also realize the fact that all kids will not develop at the same age. Moreover, your kid may not get ready as per your wish irrespective of whatever you may do or say. A crucial starting point can be training your kids with their potty.

Check out some of the following ways to physically prepare your kids for a nursery school.

Give them potty training

There are many nursery schools that expect your little one to be potty trained at home. This is truer when your kid is around 4-year-old or more. However, of your kid is below four, you need not give them full potty training. But that does not mean that partial training will be unwelcome.

Teach them about bathroom breaks

* You should make your little one learn how to take bathroom breaks by making him sit on the potty throughout the day. Make sure that your child is not sitting on the toilet with their diaper on. Irrespective of girls or boys, all should begin sitting down. But, later on, boys will practice it standing.

* Make an attempt that your child sits for about 30 minutes after having their meals since it is more likely that children will go there more often then.

* It is sensible to make sure that your child takes a break if it appears that they need to go there. Your kids’ body posture or actions often make that obvious.

* Take your child to the washroom when you observe such actions. Finally, when your child does go in the potty, you need to ensure that your excitement shows on your face so that they understand the idea.

* As a fun reward for your child, you can let them flush a toilet.

Make your style one familiar with dressing skills


It is true that your child’s teacher will help them in tying their shoes or going up a zipper when they are in the nursery school . However, a teacher has limited time as they have to attend to the various needs of the other kids too. So the faster your kid learns to be self-sufficient, better it is for them. It will be fun if you teach the how to dress up through games.

An example of this could be to ask your child how fast they can complete dressing up and tying their shoes. You can then ask them whether they can better their own times or not. Finally, you can show your thrill for all such skills where they did well.

* Allow your kid to practice tying their shoes that could be attached to a blackboard.

* How about finding some toys which will help your little one to work on Velcro, zippers, and buttons?

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