Why is Exercise Necessary Early On Anyway

Why Is Exercise Necessary Early On, Anyway?

The world over people are doing all that they can to curb the spread of obesity. Plump kids, who love their burgers and French fries, end up heavy. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why exercise has been introduced in schools today. Let us look at the patterns and figure out why exercise is necessary at the early stage aside from obesity.

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1. Powers of concentration improve when the body is not sluggish. That is pretty much a well-known fact. When the body is in the right frame, chances of learning something new become the norm.
2. Overeating at mealtimes causes the brain to freeze until the digestion process takes place. The tendency of wanting to snooze after eating heavy food becomes almost a constant. It encourages a lack of alertness where a child cannot concentrate on anything taught.
3. At the nursery school Singapore children, learn a variety of subjects right from the basics to heavy stuff like sums and the like. At this point, when the mind is quite clogged compartmentalizing the difference between exercise and studies can cause problems. The objective is to inculcate a love for play and study instead of finding fault with either of the two.
4. Illness has a way of manifesting at any age and before you know it, because of sedentary lifestyles, children can end up with diabetes, digestion problems, thyroid disorders and other problems. The objective of introducing exercise in school is to keep the energy levels of the child at a good stream. As s/he learns to work the body with multiple choices of exercise, the mind does not freeze.
5. Sluggish muscles can arise because kids are used to playing on their gadgets rather than running around and playing simple games. With the vast amounts of gaming programs available online, kids find it cooler to play seated at one spot rather than going out and playing football. Doing away with gadgets for a while or reducing the time used is a great way to improve the mind and body of the child.

In Sum
The points cited above definitely prove that kids need a dose of vitamin D every day and some exercise to keep them pumped. It encourages their natural ability to play and learn at the same time. Since education is not always about content in textbooks and is relative to the playing field, children need to understand that the two (exercise and studies) go hand-in-hand.

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