Your Childs First Day At School

Your Child�s First Day At Nursery

Most children love going to school. But many teachers of nursery school Singapore observed that the first day is specially difficult for many children. Separation pangs and anxiety can leave the child unsettled. Try to ease off the first day in order to help your child embark on the first day of a wonderful journey of learning. Follow these simple tips to prepare for your toddlers first day

Time away � Before sending your kid to Singapore Nursery School Chiltern House for the first time you can try leaving him in the company of friends and relatives. That way your child will get used to not having you around all the time. They will also learn how to trust others.

Brace yourself � It is not just your kid who might be jittery for the first day at school, you also might need some support. You must remain calm and positive about the approaching school experience. Make sure your child develops an interest into what school going might be like. Engage your child in stories about the fascinating things he can learn at school and how he can make friends.

A familiar object � All children have a toy or a blanket that is absolutely indispensable to them. Let the child take the blanket or toy to the nursery. A familiar object will make them feel safe and they will also be content.
Hang around a little � Do hang around a little. Let your child know you will be there. Tell your kid you will be come soon. Have him trust you and let you go. Few surprise visits will do good to your child in developing a sense of comfort in the new environment.

Say good-bye � It is never advisable to linger on. Once your time to leave comes, just leave. Let the child get involved in an activity and just walk away. Seeing you peep from here and there will not help your child. He will get more eager and anxious to be with you.

Schedule � Some nursery schools have nap time and snack time. Find out about the snacks they will be given or if you need to pack a tiffin. Discuss food allergy issues if your child suffers from any. For nap time, try to practice nap time at home during same hours as in school.

You are not the first person to send off a toddler to school so stop feeding your parent guilt. Your child will make wonderful memories at school that he will cherish forever.

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